• Austin Bootcamp

    Austin Bootcamp

    The combination of Focus Group Training and Bootcamp provides the best of both worlds in fitness training. We combine specialized, client-centered, performance-based training groups, with additional large group Bootcamp-style workouts for ultimate results. This is calorie-blasting, fun, creative, & challenging fitness! We offer professional instruction, innovative workouts, encouragement & accountability! You will reshape your body and bring your strength, endurance, conditioning and sports performance to new levels!

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  • Austin Personal Training

    Austin Personal Trainer

    Personalized, Efficient, and Effective Training. Whether your goal is fat loss, a healthier lifestyle, body sculpting, sports conditioning, functional movement, flexibility, strength, power or endurance, it is possible! With a customized and focused plan, personalized instruction, encouragement, and your willingness to sweat, we can achieve those goals together!

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  • Fitness and Nutrition Blog

    "You can't out-train a bad diet"....a hard rule to accept, but true. Nutrition is about 70-80% of our fitness battle and results, and therefore, deserves a lot of attention!! Nutrition is key to making our bodies lean, healthy and fit. And that means cleaning up our "diets." This may be one of the biggest challenges, but it's possible.

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